1.How to charge the battery?

Plugs into a USB with a small adapter – so easy!

2. What's in the packge? Does this product need additional batteries ?

The package comes with controller and drone. The controller needs 3 X 1.5V AAA battery (not included), the drone battery is included and is chargeable.

3. Is Redpawz R010 complete and ready to go?

Yes, the drone is RTF(Ready to Fly), just fully charge the battery and you can enjoy it!

4. Is there a way to get live feed?

The drone doesn’t have camera, but it can be upgraded to be a mini FPV racing quadcopter with a 5.8G FPV camera module, you can start to enjoy the real-time transmission with a FPV goggles, such fantastic!

5. Is this easy enough for a child to fly?

+12 years old I would say. It requires patience in the first flights but overall flying is easy.

6. Is it easy to replace the batteries? Can it be done without tools?

The battery is connected via USB port, you can replace it without tools and won’t break anything.

7. What are the shoulder buttons for?

The left button is for speed switch; the right button is for stunts – left/right sideway trimming.

8. Remote control and four-axis can not be normally paired?

Check the remote control throttle stick to see whether it is in the lowest position (Note: do not touch the other joystick, or fine-tune the button)

9. The propeller does not turn, or it spins slowly?

Firstly, check whether battery power is low;

Secondly, re-pair the remote with the drone;

Thirdly, Landing the aircraft and pause after three seconds, then fly it again;

Check whether motors or propellers are stucked by hair or other, take it off.

10. The quadcopter can not 360 ° roll?

First check whether the Lithium battery is low, if so charge the battery and try again; otherwise contact support@redpawz.com

11. The four-axis aircraft fly is unstable, shaking?

Check the motor and blades are installed correctly.

12. The blade is spinning but drone cannot take off.

Check whether the fan blade is correctly installed. A is forward (clockwise rotation) B is reverse (counterclockwise rotation)

13. REDPAWZ EV800 Pro FPV Goggles battery can not last long enough?

To resolve this problem, follow below steps to upgrade the device:

1)click to download REDPAWZ EV800 Pro FPV goggles upgrade software,

2)decompress the file and save them under the root directory.

When you start the EV800 goggles, it will be upgraded automatically, then see whether the problems can be resolved.