Redpawz EV800 Pro
Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles
Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles
Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles
Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles

Real-time Transmission, More Stable Reception

By using the dual antenna reception EV800 Pro can real-time detect the signal strength, and switch to the optimal signal, and effectively increase the reception distance and stability.

Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles

Put Redpawz EV800 Pro On A Tripod

Dissemble the FPV goggle, and install it on a tripod

———-the free-style monitoring mode is comlete.

Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles

Support Video-in And Audio-out

Redpawz EV800 Pro can be used as terminal monitor and supports audio-out

(need transmitter), increasing the immersive feeling and excitements.

Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles

More Ways To Charge and Transfer Files

With standard USB interface, Redpawz EV800 Pro can be directly charged by it; files can be directly transmitted or by SD card reader.

Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles
T-type headband

The headband can be adjusted to perfectly fit your head. The weight of the FPV goggles is evenly distributed on the head to reduce the pressure and strain for long time use.

Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles

Accurate Searching & Auto-searching

It has accurate searching function and auto-searching frequency function to meet customers’ different habits and needs. Select the frequency point at the menu: one-key auto searching frequency or short press search for auto-search.

Frequencies (5.8GHz, with RaceBand)      Unit: Ghz
CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8
A or FR1 5865 MHZ 5845 MHZ 5825 MHZ 5805 MHZ 5785 MHZ 5765 MHZ 5745 MHZ 5725 MHZ
B or FR2 5733 MHZ 5752 MHZ 5771 MHZ 5790 MHZ 5809 MHZ 5828 MHZ 5847 MHZ 5866 MHZ
D or FR3 5705 MHZ 5685 MHZ 5665 MHZ 5645 MHZ 5885 MHZ 5905 MHZ 5925 MHZ 5945 MHZ
E or FR4 5740 MHZ 5760 MHZ 5780 MHZ 5800 MHZ 5820 MHZ 5840 MHZ 5860 MHZ 5880 MHZ
R or FR5 5658 MHZ 5695 MHZ 5732 MHZ 5769 MHZ 5806 MHZ 5843 MHZ 5880 MHZ 5917 MHZ
Brand Redpawz
Item No. EV800 Pro
Build in DVR Record up to 720*480px full frame rate video, no frame lost (C10 card required)
Replay in MENU
Require C10 card to record full frame rate
Diversity: -90dB Super sensitiveness in 2pcs RX5808 PRO modules
Great performance when two types (Linear and Omni) antennas are used
Display: Screen size: 5.0 inch
Screen resolution: 854*480(No blur after enlarge by the lens)
Screen brightness: 450cd/m2 with special high brightness backlight LED
Lens: 3x boost of the video to acquire intense feel-in-there video;
92% transparent rate distort if light
Battery: Built-in 3.7V/2000mAh battery;
Each battery circle offer around 2hours working time;
typical recharging voltage is 5V
Charger : 5V,2A, Min USB
Frequency: Frequencies (5.8GHz, with RaceBand)
Dimension: FTP Goggle Dimension: 180*145*82mm
Weight: 362g without antenna
Belt : three-way adjustable belt
1 x Redpawz EV800 Pro FPV Goggles
1 x Clover Antenna
1 x Panel Antenna
1 x Battery Charger
1 x 3S to DC Power Cable
1 x PU Bag
1 x User Manual
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