Redpawz R011	Mini FPV and indoor Headless Drone
Redpawz R011	FPV drone
Redpawz R011	camera drone
Redpawz R011	FPV drone
Redpawz R011 Mini FPV Headless Drone Set

Small aircraft, can easily cross each corner, enjoy the freedom of flight


Tough 4-leaf propellers, resistant to crash, more wind, much powerful

Redpawz R011	FPV drone

Built-in six-axis gyroscope, allows you to perceive the location changes, accurate aerial positioning, and easy hand throw take off

Redpawz R011	mini headless quadcopter with camera

Break-through headless flight mode enables you to directly control the aircraft course, when the goggle cannot identify the direction, it’s free to fly around

Redpawz R011	Mini FPV and Headless Drone

The aircraft can fly around, roll up and down, free fancy, diverse changes, indefinitely show off your flight skills

Redpawz R011	Mini FPV and Headless Drone

Just press “one key return” button on the remote control, the aircraft will automatically fly back, no extra operation, very easy and convenient

3 Different Speed Modes: High, Medium And Low Speed Self-Tuning



It’s a HD Mini customized VR goggles. Based on Fresnel Optical lens zoom principle, it increases our immersive feeling and brings us more excitement and fun.


High elastic headband ,can be freely adjusted,comfortable to wear.